CHARVI + MANEK Life Travel journey-38

“An Italian Renaissance church, in the Vatican City, which is described as, “holding a unique position, in the Christian world”, and it is also called as, “The greatest, of all the churches, of christendam”. The church, holds the burial of Saint Peter, who was a chief among, Jesus Apostas and first Bishop of Rome. If you observe, this church is built in Renaissance state, on the west of River Tibet, near Janiculum hill. There is a forecourt, that is surrounded by, tall colonates. There are statues, placed from 1st century. We will now see the interiors, this way please, “Lady” he said after a small silence. “What dress are you wearing”, “skirt” said Charvi, “What is a skirt” “a woman garment, that is tight near the waist, and ends with flair. I am wearing a long skirt, while there are short skirts, mini skirts, micro mini skirts. These are called Tops, which come till waist, and match the skirt, we wear. These are called stoles, which you can call, as neck scarfs, they accompany skirts, but it is upto us, whether to use or not”, “you like long ones, I suppose”, “Yes” she nodded.

The interior part of the church, had awesome architecture, thought Charvi. “This foundation, Stone was designed by me. See this part, I was inspired, by the Roman temple pantheon. I used to lantern design, the full round, to built this church I had, Michelangelo, Carlo Maderno and Gina Lorenzo, helping me to build this church. After me, Michelangelo took up the project and, constructed, it more hugely. He was impressed by Bramantes, original design. Then Carlo Manderno, extended it more further, and what you see now, was completed by him. You see the Dome, it is 137m high, which is the tallest dome in the world. This Dome, was called the greatest dome, of Christendom. Gregory XIV, inaugurated the whole church, in 1590, which was compelled, as a masterpiece and offered to this world”.



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